Characters Overview

by Dale M.A. Johnson


created 4/3/06


This document outlines what "characters" are, how the engine needs to handle them, and how the user will interact with them.


What is a Character?

In Fire Emblem Factory, there are two types of units: Generic units, and characters. Generic units are exactly that: generic. Their stats are not saved from map to map, and there can be a great number of them on the map at a time. Think of generic units as extras in a stage play. And if the generic units are extras, then the characters as are actors.


Because, like any other human being, a single actor cannot be in two places at the same time, there can only be one instance of a character on the map at any given time. Unlike generic units, the characters' stats and attributes are saved and are brought over to the next chapter.


Managing Characters

If you place a character on a map and assign them to a faction, they will be playable for that map, but they will not be carried over to the next chapter. In order for this to happen, characters need to be assigned to a "party," which is a group of characters that can be accessed from chapter to chapter. Parties are discussed in more detail elsewhere.