Software License Agreement

This license is a legal agreement. By using this software, you are agreeing to the following terms:


Article I - Copyrights

This software has not been released into the public domain. The software and its contents are the exclusive property of their creators. Each contributor retains the copyright to the work that was done by them. The copyright owners reserve the right to enforce the terms of this agreement.


Article II - Distribution

This software is being released as "freeware." You are not required to pay anything to use this software, and you may copy and distribute the software in any way as you see fit, so long as you do not charge anything for it or any part of it (including the graphics, music, sound, etc.), or include it in a collection of software or data that requires payment to use or recieve.


Article III - Disclaimer

This software is being released as-is. The creators give no guarantee or warranty. They are not responsible for any damage done to you, your computer, your possessions, or your sanity. Although every effort has been made to ensure that this software is fully compatible with your system, you use this software at your own risk.


Article IV - Additions and Derivative Works

Any contributions including art, music, programming, text translations, derivative works, plug-ins, or other additions to this software or made with this software are the exclusive property of their creators. By contributing, the content creator grants the right for said content to be used as the project sees fit.


Article V - Distribution of Additions and Derivative Works

The creators of derivate works based on, or in addition to this software, are free to distribute said works however they see fit, so long as nothing is charged to use them. In addition, the administrators of this project reserve the right to include said works with the software, so long as credit is given to the original creator of the work.


Article VI - Source Code Restrictions

The copyrights of the source code are retained by the people who wrote it. The source code is for your own private or educational use, or to assist in making additions or plug-ins to the software. You may not include any part of the source code in your own project without the expressed, written consent of the copyright holder.


Article VII - Future Additions

This software license covers the use of this version of the software. Future versions of the software may be released under other licenses, in which case this agreement does not apply to them.