Design Documentation and Project Guidelines

Welcome to the Tactics Heroes design docs! This is the easiest way to keep track of where the project is, and where we plan to take it. Some of these pages go pretty in-depth, so if you're interested in what makes Tactics Heroes tick, you've stumbled upon the right place.


Keep in mind that these are not meant to take the place of a proper manual. The design docs are a place to get ideas into written form, and figure out how they could work. Many of these ideas are likely to fall by the wayside.


Note: Some of these refer to the original name of the Tactics Heroes project, "Fire Emblem Factory." Although the name is no longer valid, the content still is.



The Goal of Fire Emblem Factory


Basic Functionality

The Title Screen

Login Overview



Campaigns, Rule Sets, and Multiplayer Maps


Rule Sets

Rule Set Overview


Characters, Parties, and Factions

Attributes and Movement Types - added 3/29/07

Characters Overview

Class Data Structure - added 9/16/06

Factions Overview

Party Overview

Unit Structure - added 9/16/06


Item System

Item System Overview - NEW! added 10/28/07

Item Overview and Core Structure - NEW! added 11/8/07

Item Types Structure and Overview - NEW! added 10/29/07



Graphics Overview



Basic Design and Programming for the Map Editor

Map Editor Overview

Map Data Structure

Map Editor Properties

Terrain Stucture - added 9/16/06


Save Formating

Map Data - altered 9/16/06


Translation and Multi-language Support

Langauge Support Overview and Issues

Langauge Codes



The Fire Emblem Factory Canon

Naming Conventions