Map Editor Properties

by Dale M.A. Johnson


created 4/23/06


For every map you make, whether it be a map for a campaign, or a simple multiplayer map, you'll need to dabble with the "map properties" in the map editor. This page goes over what this process should be like.


Basic Overview

To access the map properties in the map editor, the user will press ESC to bring up the menu, then click on "map properties." This will bring up a new window with several basic options.


The Options
Map Name
Text box. The name of the map. This is primarily for multiplayer maps, as opposed to campaigns.
Author Name
Text box. Who made this map. Again, this is primarily for multiplayer maps.
Map Description
Text box. For multiplayer maps, this is the text that will appear when the user clicks on this map from the menu (but before they select to play it). For campaign maps, this can be used for simple note taking.
Map Width
Variable. How wide (in tiles) the map is to be.
Map Height
Variable. How high (in tiles) the map is to be.
Tile Set
Button. Clicking on this will bring up a small window listing the availible tile sets, and the user can decide on one.
Button. Saves the changes that the user has made, and returns them to the map editor menu.
Cancels everything the user has set here, and returns them to the map editor menu.