Login Overview

by Dale M.A. Johnson


created 4/24/06


It is not unlikely that some installs of the engine will be on a system with more than one user who would like to play it. For this reason, it would be benefical to have seperate "logins" for each person. This would be especially useful for hotseat play so that each player will automatically have their settings in place when their turn comes around.


The Basics

Whenever a user boots up the engine, they will be greeted with the logo, as well as a small window with a list of names. The user can select one of these logins, or they create a new one. They can also log in as a "guest."


If one does not want to see the login screen, they can click the "Remember Me" checkbox, and it will automatically log them in from then on. The user will also be able to "log out" from the title screen and hop to another login name.


Creating a New Login

Obviously, the first time anyone starts up a clean install, the list of login names will be empty. In order to begin, they'll need to register their login name. New users will need to do this as well. This can be accomplished simply by clicking the "New Login" button, then entering a name.



Each user can select a 100x100 avatar and a 15x15 icon (primarily for online/LAN play if it gets off the ground). Any custom key settings or user prefrences (including windowed mode) are saved to that login's profile. A user can also over-ride the default GUI by dropping images files in their personal user folder. Each login's campaign save files are also unique to them and are not shared between logins (multiplayer map logins, however, are shared).


In addition, when setting up a multiplayer map hotseat game, the "host" login can set their friends' logins to factions, and when that login's turn comes around, their settings will be waiting for them (except for windowed/fullscreen mode). Their in-game multiplay map statistics (wins/loses/kills/deaths/etc) will be recorded as well (and can be viewed in a "hall of fame").



Whenever a user creates a new login, a new folder is created with their name, and all their data is stored in that. If one wants to move their personal user settings from one computer to another, they can actually do that by copying and pasting the folder. The engine will automatically recognize it and add it to the list.